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The Takarangi

Artist: Māui Taewa

From a whakairo perspective – Takarangi – found on a poupou for example, are usually located near or by the head, in reference to one’s mana or knowledge (head or the mind). So the realm of education is appropriate to this design. The takarangi is also a double spiral in this example, which has two interlinking spirals. This can refer to the two parties in a relationship, to whakapapa or genealogy.

The Snake

Artist: Peter Muraay Djeripi Mulcahy

The Carpet Snake, Yabba in my language (Gamilaroi) is significant and sacred due to the aspects of the creator that it portrays.

Some of those reflections being Spiritual Power and Strength, incredible sensitivity and its ability to teach us renewal and rebirth.